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Dec 8, 2010
huntington, Indiana
I accidentally broke the lens on one of the lights. I ordered a clearance light from my local RK store 8 months ago. Still waiting, no call back or any communication from them at all. I had called and inquired several times over the last few months, as to where that part was. Pretty dis-appointed at the outcome.

So I called a local TYM dealer and that light was in my hand within two days.
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RK seemed like a good deal, initially...most likely due to the "Outdoors with the Morgan's" Youtube channel
After the Morgan's dropped RK, I unsubscribed from their channel
And, doesn't seem that RK is doing too well...I expect Rural King will drop the line sooner or later...good thing TYM seems to be picking up the slack...
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If you are willing and able to do your own repairs it may be worth buying a tractor from RK or a lawn mower dealer or used car lot for the $ savings but if you are looking for support and after the sale assistance it's not a good idea to buy anywhere other than a dealer, I have to admit the RK 74 was a really good deal on a lot of tractor for the money, but they have already dropped them , I suspect they will whittle right on down to the lawn mower sized tractors before it's over.
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I was told by the RK guy in my area, they dropped the largest 74 tractor due to the fact they couldnt easily work on them. I know for a fact the store I bought my RK55 from, cant even fit it in the bay inside to work on it. They work on these larger units outside.