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Mar 11, 2007
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Can anyone tell me a brand and part number for an Oil and Fuel Filter for a mid 1990s Iseki TA247 3cyll ? I also need to know what the Flashing Green 1" square button is on the right side of the steering console/dash area. There is also one next to the 4x4 select on/off lever If you push them they flash otherwise they just stay lit up. This is great.
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If you get the control knobs set correctly the one on the dash will raise and lower the 3 point to the presets when you push it. That is very handy when using a blade. I still haven't gotten the one by the 4x4 lever to do anything.
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Thanks a lot for the info on the green Buttons. I think the one by the 4X4 lever is my Differential Lock.