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Interestingly, I wanted the new Harbor Freight Bauer brushless 20 volt 4.5" angle grinder and none of the local HF stores (3 within shopping distance) had them in stock, so I ordered one online from HF. It arrived in a timely manner and I unboxed it and attached a fully charged 5 amp hour batter, fired it up and it spooled up to speed and it immediately shut off. Tried in about 10 times, same deal so I called HF in California (800 number) and explained the issue and was issued a pre paid Fed-Ex shipping label and returned it and requested a working replacement.

Seems as though HF don't have any, so I'm on a 'wait list' now... I find it interesting that HF has none. Must be sitting on a container ship parked outside San Diego harbor waiting to unload....lol

First time I ever had an issue with a HF tool.
Interesting. I saw those in our local HF store a few weeks ago.
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They are real handy with mini cut off wheel for late not shopping like cat converters and pesky locks.
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Brushed or Brushless, big difference. I have the brushed model but I want the brushless model.

Every store has the brushed model. Not the other one.
IDK. I have to look again. I thought that most tools are brushless now?
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What's the difference from a user's standpoint?
Run time between battery swap out's and brush replacement. The brushless tools have permanent magnet armatures and fields so no brushes to wear out and they are more efficient so batteries last longer.

I run the maximum amp hour Bauer packs as a rule anyway and I keep a couple packs charged up all the time.
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What's the difference from a user's standpoint?
I wore out 3 sets of brushes in a M18 driver before I said enough is enough and got brushless. For a tool that's going to see alot of use go brushless for the few extra bucks more.