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Found a station under $5 today and many said I had missed but 4.97 it is.
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Diesel was as low as $4.79 yesterday in West KY.

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Myself, I dodged the fuel bullet this year as I had 3/4 of a bulk tank of ORD left from last years fill so I've not had to buy any this year (so far). I'd like to see the price come down, would work for me just peachy.

Got a little concerned about the sitting fuel so I added 2 Racor fuel polishing units (one on each tractor) between the fuel tank feed and the engine mounted spin on fuel filter and sediment strainer. The Racor's not only filter better (10 micron pass rate) but the are water separating units. The water drops into the clear bowl on the bottom side and can be easily drained off.

Very compact too. Overall length is under 10" and the diameter is about 5" and the mounting boss is drilled for a 2 screw mount.
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I'm 100% sold on Racor fuel polishing units in line with the fuel system. Not that much to purchase, remove 100% of the water and removes all debris down to 10 microns (I believe most OEM filters are only 80 microns). Not sure however but the Racor provides me a lot of peace of mind far as fuel contamination is concerned.

Easy to install as well. I'm gonna put one on my diesel pickup truck this winter as well. The ones I bought are the 12T models
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Today it's $3.44
I wonder why the huge discrepancy from one state/region to another. My state seems to have the lowest prices in the northeast, but we're still paying ~$1 more than you. Didn't use to be that way, I really doubt fuel taxes account for this. Oil companies jerking us around? I know, perish the thought. :mad:
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I think the same exact way. All lubes and grease lasts a very very long time on a shelf. At the height of covid when all the oil prices where low I when through and calculated all oil and grease needed for the rest of this presidents first term. Prices have at least doubled in the engine oil department. I also bought 5yrs of fuel and that trippled in price since I bought it.

Many companies like rotella and mobile to yearly rebates, even last year so theres no need to pay full retail price.

Same, though I only did this in January/February of this year, and prices were still not terrible for oil. I have enough oil to last through the next two presidents. I bought 10 gallons of Lucas oil conventional from Rural King, the price was very good, don't remember exactly what it was though but having conventional oil is better than no oil at all. I also bought up a bunch of Rotella 15w40 and 5w40 for the mowers and tractors. I could use the Lucas conventional in any of the tractors or mowers and probably will eventually.

Sounds like I need to go buy some grease also.