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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
LS XR4140H (Mine) BX2380 (wife’s)
The oiler cooler on my LS xr4140H is leaking again. The original was replaced under warranty. Went to a radiator shop in hopes it might be repairable - nope.

This is what it is
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If you can do a bit of fabrication you can adapt a similar size aftermarket cooler from a reputable company like Derale or Hayden. The flow is at most the combined flow of your LS's steering and accessory hydraulic circuits. I think some tractors only send part of the flow through the cooler. The shop manual should tell you. Auto oil coolers are usually advertised as XX,XXX BTUs which is not all that useful, or YYYYY GVWR which is even less useful, but if you delve into the specs you can usually find flow capacity numbers. I'd try to replace the cooler with one of similar construction, i.e. tube and fin vs plate.

Make your mount so it can use the factory rubber vibration isolators to give your cooler a long life.
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Maybe you can check the oil cooler gaskets, and change a new one by yourself. Hope the video below is helpful
you are aware the the LS in the video is not the LS tractor mfg. right?
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My assumption was the OP would not want another OE cooler since he'd had two fail. But maybe there's more than one manufacturer for that part and some do better than others.
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Got new cooler from Messicks today, but won’t get to install before tomorrow.