Oil filter cross reference

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Companions would be pleased to share a cross-reference search engine between brands for acceptance filters. Very useful when we are working and need to replace the acceptance filters with another brand.

Oil Filters Cross Reference - Search By Vehicle Manufacturer

Use the cross reference site as a tool, not an answer. Referenced filters 'could' be too restrictive causing cavitation or suction losses for engine or the hydraulics. Some filters have no by-pass valve, once clogged up, no oil flow in your machine. Overheating or internal failure is possible.

Always find the cross reference specs first and align them closely to the OE recommendations.

As an FYI, most Wix filters are too restrictive. One solution is to buy a taller Wix filter for more media surface area to compensate. Wix has an Ag brand called ProTech. Do the same as well.

Most automotive filters work on tractor gas engines.

Have a diesel tractor, follow diesel guidelines and do not restrict the filter flow.

After using the tool, verify alternative filter for fit, form and function. Errors in the references are possible.