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Nov 29, 2009
Unfortunately the oil pan and other parts have not come in yet. Glad I am not a full time farmer and it was in the middle of planting or harvest. This much down time would not be welcome. I suspect the parts have to come from Korea or wherever. I don't think they are stuck in the Suez Canal.
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Jul 25, 2010
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I have a Mahindra 4510 tractor. The oil pan has two drain bolts. One is stripped. The shop said they could not find an oversize repair bolt and as such had me order a new oil pan at over $300. I would have thought there would have been some other available cure. From memory I think since it is a manual front wheel drive assist tractor the oil pan has an indentation in the middle where the front drive shaft passes and hence a drain plug on each part of the pan.
I suspect the drive shaft will have to be removed also to replace the pan and of course a new gasket etc.
I am sure the pan is ordered and perhaps on its way but I did ask them to keep the old oil pan. At least if I can fix it I can use it as a spare should I ever damage the new one somehow.
I knew the thread on the pan was not quite right. I felt it once or twice during an oil change but it never leaked then and I did not lose oil between changes.
I realize it is too late to do much now but just asking for thoughts. I thought I recall seeing once a oil pan drain bolt with some type of compression rubber plug that worked in such a situation. Of course I would not want something that would leak or come out and lose all oil and potentially ruin the engine. Ideas? Thanks
I used to overhaul Volkswagen engines. When the studs became loose we would repair them with a helicoil set. I would drill out the threads. Then cut new threads. Of course this made the hole too large. Next we screwed helicoils into the threads which made the hole the right size and new threads for the studs. helicoils are nothing more than threads on both sides. Check with a machine shop where you might find them.
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May 19, 2020
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Pan threads striped they used to make an insert you put in hole then little smaller pan bolt.I used one of these on an ATV front axel but I can’t remember what’s it called worked well.Do some research you may luck out ??
This may be what your thinking about. Not sure how long I’d trust it though. They come in different sizes and expand as you tighten them.