OK, how much gas did you spill in 2023?

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While the article is disturbing, the comments are even more so.
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Yes but there's only 7 million people in washington state where this is being proposed. It's not very clear in the article that it's the state not federal. 17 million gallons spilled annually in washington state sounds like a lot and could well be an exaggeration.

The California politicians who pushed CARB into banning sales of gas OPE used some inflated numbers to justify it. And CARB's done the same thing in the past for other emissions restrictions like on two stroke off road motorcycles.
“5% of the country’s air pollution, and estimates indicate consumers spill more than 17,000,000 gallons of fuel each year ”

They’re purposely stating a country wide number to make it look worse.
I guarantee you, the state has no statistic on how much gasoline is spilled.
Also notice it’s worded “fuel”, not gasoline for small power equipment. This allows them to inflate the number even higher by including diesel, home heating oil,….etc..
Then you have to ask yourself… how do they know how much gasoline is spilled to the gallon? That’s takes some amazing statical guesswork and manipulation. If I spill a bit, because of a ridiculous EPA fuel can, how do they know how much?
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I know very careful people and I know chronic spillers. Then there is the person filling grocery bags with gasoline......o_O
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I read what I could of the bill. It doesn't really bother me that they want to encourage purchasing battery powered equipment with tax incentives. I repair OPE and there are certainly folks out there who are good candidates for battery equipment.

We all know the EPA cans are a mess, but not for a minute do the stats they base this bill on make any sense. Thoughts about the entire circle including repair of, production of, and the replacement of this equipment will never be realized when considering this bill.
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Stat might include industrial spills, i.e. derailments, tanker accidents, refinery fires, etc.
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Don't even attempt to blame me. Half the businesses I buy fuel from have pump issues. Heck I know which pumps to avoid spillage at most stations.
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We are importing oil from other countries because of Government restrictions that have artificially driven up the cost of oil. Iran and Russia need oil to be over $80 a barrel to be profitable. If it's less then that, then they cannot afford their wars. The oil industry makes massive profits when oil production is restricted in the US. The only reason we're paying so much for gasoline at the pump is because the Government is causing it to be harder to get in the US.
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I have many talents. Pouring things carefully is not one of them. Cream for the coffee, cooking oil in a pan, fueling things up, all end up with me saying opps. For me two stroke equipment isn’t a problem but things like a push mower is. That said I expect I spill between a pint and a quart every year.