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Apr 6, 2000
Blount County,ALABAMA
High ALL, When I bought my 8 acres not to long a go I sent off a soil sample and the fellow recomeded Orchard grass for the soil content..that and 2.5 tons of lime per acre...MY BACK HURTS ALREADY/w3tcompact/icons/laugh.gif. Any who, has any one had any experience with orchard grass???does and dont's Is there a better type of grass (for horses in N Alabama)?The fellow recommended this over fescue do to reesistance over some perticular fungus that is very bad for horses...I also figure atleast 2 yrs(hopefully 3-4yrs depending on the wifes patients and our budget) before buying horses to give the grass time to establish...Fortunatley the lime is all it realy needs the fertility is actually pretty good...Any thoughts,suggestions,good/bad expariences with this grass...?

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There's a discussion on CTB about growing hay, and Orchard in particular. The main substance of the discussion, as often is the case, came from Bird.
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Get in touch with the U.S. Soil and Conservation agent and the county agent in your area they will give you some good information. My oldest son and his wife have horses and they say do not use fescue if you plan for any of your horses to have colts. It causes bad problems for pregnant mares.
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PBurns, the discussion on the CTB was primarily about growing hay. It's been 45 years since I had horses, so I don't know anything that would help you, but I, too, have heard of problems with horses grazing on fescue, and I agree with the suggestion that your best bet is your county extension agent. I know mine has been a lot of help and has a great deal of good literature on a wide variety of topics.

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Hey fellas, I have talked to the land office in Blount county and found some basic info about orchard grass on Auburn University's web page (the same place I sent my soil sample)..I was just looking for first hand experience ...The things folks learn the hard way.../w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif...The things you don't get from books... like "don't drink downstream from the herd"... Thanks for the get back.....

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