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Apr 10, 2014
Perry Cty, Pennsylvania
Kioti 2014 CK2510 TLB
Well I did it. Yesterday I went and ordered my first tractor/loader/backhoe. It's already at the dealer, they just have to finish setup. Hope to have it by next Friday. I should be ready to start my projects by then.:cool2:
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That will be a good little tractor.
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Arrived yesterday. Spent last night reading manuals. Not very informative. Any suggestions on best RPM for optimum backhoe performance? Manual doesn't state the RPM for max PSI or GPM. Also doesn't detail the swing/boom/stabilizer lock operation. Or any operation for that matter.
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When you are starting to learn how to run the backhoe have it just above idle, once your hand-eye coordination improves pick up the idle to 1200rpm or so. It will have as much force down low as higher, it will just take longer.
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Thanks EHR. The manual recommends always operating at 2000rpm or above. It said it's better for diesels to rev (?). So far I'm liking the tractor. Seems to dig well but the controls are a little jerky (prob me). And the manuals are complete crap. At a minimum they should have an english-speaker edit them for grammar. And then have a newbie suggest topics to cover. I think I'll try to pick up a shop manual.
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I believe operating at above 2000 (2100 per my dealer) RPM's is to keep the HST operating efficiently when in motion. When stationary and running backhoe, splitter etc you can run at idle or above as suits the implement.
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"KB2465 BH W/16"bucket and Thumb, Rear Snow Blower. Post hole digger, Pallet forks, 3pt log splitter."

I have the same hoe w/ 12" bucket. Did you make your own thumb? I'm already wanting one. And is the log splitter fast enough? My friend is unhappy with the speed of his on his Kubota L30. I'm thinking of trying it on mine if the quick connects will work with the ones for my hoe.