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Hill Farmer

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Mar 25, 2009
Belarus 825, for now.
Anyone have any fresh numbers on the LS P series pricing?
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Have you visited your local dealer? Good time to get to know them.

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My local dealers sell John Deere and Case tractors. There is an LS dealer between home and farm, but he's never open on weekends when I go by. Never saw anything bigger than a 50hp U series there.
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FYI for anyone interested........no info other than what's in the ad.....

LS P7010C Cab

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That is a lot of tractor for the buck... and terrible resale on a large frame 70+ hp cab tractor! Since this is NC, hope original owner or family/friend worked for LS and got special discount and not a bath. My local dealer is advertising $38k for a new P7010C, and this dealer (LS P7010 4x4 w/cab & loader) has one with twice as many hrs for $32k. Keeping the factory plastic on must be in the operator's manual :p