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Dec 27, 2008
Gettysburg PA.
L 3940 HSTC
Who sells pallet forks at a reasonable price? Went to the local dealer they wanted $1020 buck for a set thought that was a little steep. I have a L3940 with the 724 loader and the quick attach on it.
Any thoughts
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I have been looking for the past few months also. I have found a few on ebay, in the $600 range. It depends on what you are doing. There is a light weight set 1800lbs that goes for around $550. I have no need for the 4000lb ones I see, and as far as a used set goes, I have not had any luck. Do you have a skid steer style Quick hitch? That makes a difference, as there are a lot more of that type around.
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Look for a dealer that sells Horst Welding equipment. I just got a quote from a Nova Scotia dealer, Proudfoot Motors, and for Regular Duty Pallet Forks with quick attach, 48" forks, 2000 lbs rating, price was $795 CAD.