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Apr 29, 2008
Newfane, New York
I'm working on my Pettibone fork truck again this winter. Bought a carb kit for it a while ago, and am finally getting into it. See pics here: Zenith 228 - Album on Imgur

I'm having a heck of a time searching for parts online. I have a full set of manuals for this thing, including a separate parts manual for the UB-240 power unit that is mounted on this fork truck.

All the IH parts numbers in the manuals are out of date for this new age of online searching, absolutely none of them come up. I've usually had good luck trying to search on the NAPA website for part number interchange, but ziltch...

It looks like at some point the carb and velocity governor were swapped out on this machine. All the IH numbers on the parts don't match the parts book.

The velocity governor as near as I can tell should be a 2800 RPM governor. I'm hoping someone here has experience with these old governors?

Do these units simply act like a rev limiter? There are two labeled ports on this governor, one reads "carb", the other one reads "to distrib". Both are blocked off on this unit, but there are vacuum ports on the flanges, so I assume this thing works off of intake vacuum?

There are various examples of these on eBay, some for silly prices:
1971 Chevrolet & pickup Truck Vari speed Governor nos | eBay

I'm wondering how I make sure mine works, or if I buy an eBay unit, how I go about adjusting it? I assume these have to be adjusted with the machine under load? No idea... Hope someone here is familiar with these.
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Nobody works on those old governors anymore, but use the Hoof style that fit between the carburetor and manifold available from places such as: Velocity Governors | Foley Engines
You will find them on Ebay too, but you want the proper air flow and RPM limits for your application. It is best to just get the correct unit in the first place.
Should the need arise, new Zenith carburetors to fit your IH engine are available from Pitt Auto, and here is their cross reference: CROSS REFERENCE.pdf
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Certain model IH pickups also were powered by BD240s, may be able to backtrack from there.
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I'm beginning to suspect that at one point the Industrial IH UB240 was swapped out with a truck BD240. I think I'm going to have to investigate casting/stamped numbers. The governor and carb on the machine now, both have IH part numbers but they don't match the parts book, and the governor manufacturer is wrong, supposed to be a Hoof governor, not a Introl governor.

If it is indeed a truck engine, it's probably not the right application, and it may be running at too high of RPM's...
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After some more research, maybe I do have the original, or AN ORIGINAL IH UB240.

The casting number on my block is 316 275 R1

The parts manual I have for the UB240 is calling for a 316 275 R11, so, one digit short.... Which is confusing.

The service manual I have for the UB240 calls out for the serial number stamping to be on a pad right behind the water pump on the right side of the block, right where mine is:

I actually have the original "log book" for my machine, that lists all the serial numbers for the different parts of the machine as it rolled off the line. In the log book the "UB240" serial number reads: 4979HANLQI, which is what I see on the tag located on the bell housing:

However, that is the S/N for the entire UB240 power unit, not the actual engine. The numbers stamped on the block pad are "BD 240" and "1013488" Unfortunately I have no literature to support that this is indeed the original engine, but it does seem like it is an IH industrial UB240 engine based on where the stamped pad is located. I guess the truck engine pads were not right behind the water pump. (from what I have read so far).

So now, I am thinking the engine is the original (seems odd to have such good compression on an engine where the hour meter reads 6500 hrs., but I guess it could have been overhauled...) However, it does have the wrong carb and the wrong velocity governor on it, when looking in my parts manual.

It seems like an IH truck carb and velocity governor were transplanted onto this engine for some reason or another.

I do know that, this machine started out as a crane that someone converted to a fork truck, and they left the HYD winch ( for the crane on the machine, just took the levers off the HYD manifold that operates the winch...

It is a 47 year old machine, that's a long time for a lot of "funny business" to go on with it. I just need to determine what the velocity governor is supposed to be set to, the service manual has a bunch of ranges, starting at 1600 RPM all the way up to 2800 RPM.

Anyone have an opinion on what the two numbers on this tag mean? Do you think the 2950 and 2400 numbers have anything to do with RPM? I'm thinking 2950 @ max idle and 2400 @ max load? Just a guess...
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Well, those are belt driven, mine is vacuum operated, mounts between the carb and intake. More like this: Hoof Governor with Box Model S 269 | eBay

But so far, can't find the correct one, mine has a carb stub pitch of 2-15/16", those are all much smaller...
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I'm back on this machine and wondering if I can rotate the exhaust and intake manifold and switch to an updraft carb?

It would be way easier & cheaper to find parts for an updraft tractor carb, as the downdraft carbs seem to be collectors items now or something as replacements and kits cost stupid money. It would also be easier to route the exhaust out the top.



It looks to me the bolt pattern is reversible...