Pickig up a ford 3500 today

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Jul 15, 2022
ford 3500
Ford 3500 industrial. Have to pump the clutch twice sometimes to get it to disengage. Said he has been using it 20 plus hours a week for the past 5 months on a property project he just finished. Everything works as should besides that he says. A lot of hoses already replaced. Said he would take $5k for it. Can you tell if I m correct that this is a plan manual transmission? No tc or shuttle? Any specific concerns I should look for? What you guys think about the price. Has one new rear tire also since he punctured the other on a sapling stub.

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I have a MF 255 with a manual trans, Hate it for doing loader work or brush cutting where you have to back up a lot, For working in large areas mowing or disking it is fine, Takes a very wide turn, They get stuck easy in wet areas also without 4x4.
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The left shifter is the gear selector. Looks like my 3910 minus the trans dip stick. Probably a 4-speed. The right shifter is the H-N-L (high-neutral-low) selector. So, it's a 4x2 or 8-speed transmission. I typically cut in 3-low at about 1800 rpm. Once you get used to shifting, forward and backward cutting is no problem. I have many Mesquite trees I back under while mowing. Don't know about the double clutching. Mine is not like that. Perhaps it's a PTO thing with that model. If it has a clutch problem, you have to split the tractor to get to it. Not a job for the typical home-shop tinkerer.

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My uncle is an old mechanic of everything as well as my dad. Although I've never actually split a tractor like my uncle has done many times I have a friend that buys and sells them and he had me come out and help one of his laborers put one back together because I have a knack for things. Figured out what his shop tech couldn't in 10 minutes. I think it was more his shop tech wasn't good rather than i'm awesome but I think its something I can work on pretty easy. Will weld up a tractor splitting jack rail system if I need one. My ck3510 Kioti is my main tractor, this is going to be mainly for its backhoe and maybe some loader work. I think the clutch got stuck at some point and has some surface rust which should grind off with time or its a simple adjustment issue. I'll have a better idea after I run it tonight. It weird, everyone i've talked to is all over on if this is a good deal or not. I see the plain ford 3000s loader but no hoe going for $3000-$3500. Found two similar model loader hoes for between $6,000-$6,500. I think my local market is a little higher than some. I use to go buy compact 4x4 tractors south of me and resell them for a $1,000 in my area. I haven't done that in a decade tho since I started real estate investments. i'm rusty on prices, covid has made things go up too. I found a mf40 massey loader hoe for $3,500 last week but it was full of issues so I walked and has been parked for a long time. He sold it a couple days after I left. Was cheap but it looked like alot of work and money so I passed on it. I'm sure this one will be too, just hopefully less work and money. I am happy its been being used and isn't a I bought this and parked it 5 years ago and just got it to start back up so I can sell it type situation.
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Congrats on the Ford 3500 Industrial.

That 4 speed with hi low making it an 8 speed is a tough transmission.

Your tractor looks cleaner than the 550 TLB Ford I just bought.

I agree prices are up on anything with a lot of steel in it.

These older Fords are Well built machines, have long lived engines and for the most part "IF" parts are needed they are available and fairly reasonable.

That 3500 will do a Lot of work.