Planters for small tractors

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Aug 28, 2011
JD 5105, JD 5055E
We're thinking about expanding the garden and I've been looking at 1 or 2 row used row crop planters to attach to either my 5055 or 5105 (when I get it going). It would be for rows of sweet corn, pumpkins, and beans. Anything to look out for there? Have others done this? I have experience farming, but that was dryland wheat with a grain drill.

Also, what would be the most economical way to till it? I know a 3 point PTO tiller is probably the best, bit very expensive. I'm thinking a small two bottom plow or a small 3 point disk. I'd want to keep it three point as I'd be backing into the area for the run, and fewer tires to worry about.

I know it's kind if a big tractor for that, but it's what I have.
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The food plot industry has made small planters a premium but they can still be found. Two bottom plows are a dime a dozen and small disks can be found also that being said for a garden i would go with a tiller hands down ,