Power trac lift arms on mini dozer

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May 4, 2010
Jessup Mill, NC
Rk55HC 4n1 fel/bh, Power-Trac 1850, 425d, Terex pt30, Kubota kx033, bx1880, yanmar 8x8 dumper, Magnatrac mh5000 w/ loader, six way blade & backhoe, Dew-eze ATM72LC Slope Mower, Terramite t6 4wd, DR Power brush mower
Here's a quick note on the application of pt loader arms on my magnatrac mh5000.

This little dozer cane to me with 50hrs on a blown kohler command 25...not a drop of oil in sight... Had a 875# backhoe sticking off the back. I repowered work a Honda gx630 and found out instantly that the bh was too heavy for the rest of the machines 2000#.

I decided to shed it and put pt425 arms on to get good use out of the traction and hyd.

First use went great. I have to be careful not to turn with the arms in the ground... But we'll balance and carries the PT tools great.

The machine is plumbed for a pto at 7 or so gpm 2000psi... I'll get around to that.

I turned the seat 90 degrees, added the arms, grapple circuit, and plumbed the qa to an unused valve. Now I sit sideways and can work in forward or reverse...

I'll get more pics when I button things back up....


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Very cool! :thumbsup:

I agree that the loader arms could be twisted badly if you turn while they are in the ground. Especially with something with a lot of traction. My 425 doesn't have that issue, as it'll spin the turfs before bending the arms.