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Oct 18, 2005
Catt county New York
Kioti DK35, Ford 8N, Oliver Cletrac
Just an update on the post of a week ago regarding a lack of power in my DK35.

I looked at what was necessary to take off the fuel tank and it was a daunting challenge, so I decided I needed to find a better way. I drained the tank and took the fuel gage out of the tank and with a very small flashlight I could see to the bottom of the tank.

I saw some brown globs that was a alge of some kind so I got a 18" long grabber ) that tool you push down on one button and 4 little fingers come out the other end) and mopped up all the alge. I then looked down the tank again and still saw something like a small lump in the bottom of the tank.

After several tried I got it with the grabber and pulled it out, there was a full sized hornet. Just the right size to plug up the fuel outlet when it floated into it's path.

Put it back together and ran it for about an hour and at least for a while all seems well.

How in the ---- did a hornet get into the fuel tank????
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Fastening a small hose and steel line to a shop vac will sometimes do a good job of cleaning up the bottom of a fuel tank. I have done that several times on some of my older tractors.
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It was a secret drone hornet from area 51!:laughing::thumbsup:
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this is funny, My grandfather used to tell almost the same story about his model T It would stop like out of gas then would start up again. In his case it was a spider in the gas tank that would be pulled into the fuel line. Now you can have a story to tell about the "old days" in years to come.
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Algae in diesel? Not possible.
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Does this mean that over time water, and perhaps the other nasties, are likely to be accumulating at the bottom of my diesel tractor's fuel tank.

Maintenance schedules don't comment on periodic cleaning of fuel tanks.

Doesn't emptying the fuel filter bowl when changing the filter get rid of accumulated water trapped by the filter ?
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Algae in diesel? Not possible.

Well actually the algae grows in the water that is present in the diesel. Problem is that all diesel has water present..some a lot more than others. I have a 300 gal tank. every time it gets filled I add a biocide:
Biocide Racor Fuel Distillate Additive

and a gallon of Power Service:
Power Service Products, diesel fuel additives, prevent gelling, clean injectors, disperse water, boost cetane, reduce emissions, improve fuel economyPower Service Products, diesel fuel additives, prevent gelling, clean injectors, disperse water, boos

So far I have not had any fuel related problems.