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Just to update MossRoad...I sold my 1845 to the buyer of our Colorado home when we did a major sea-change and shifted to Tasmania...the bit downunder the land downunder a few years back. As far as I know he is still using the machine and various implements and attachments I had put together for it. Think he has visited this forum, but not sure if he has joined & posted.

All I mainly need for our 4 steep acres on the Bass Strait is a good mower, and my Kubota F-2880 has been serving me well. I did just finish fabricating a tipping carry-all to mount in place of the 60" mower deck to add some versatility. My PT-1845 did well for me on our high altitude rocky mountain place for over 10 years.
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Tasmania! Oh, I bet that's an interesting change of scenery. I'll update the list soon. Thanks.

So no possums, skunks, woodchucks, etc.... over there. What interesting wildlife have you seen?
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No skunks or woodchucks, but quite a few possums in Australia, (but trying to get to none in NZ....they try to get every tourist to take one back home....a pelt that is...actually quite nice fur.) Here all the power poles have sheet metal bands around them to keep the possums from climbing around the wires....think squirrels....when the power blinks, the first thought is "there goes another possum".

Other wildlife....wallabies (think small kangaroos), wombats, quolls, snakes, eagles, hawks, herons, plovers, superb blue wren, whales, dolphins, seals, ...and many others. Mild temperate coastal climate (think Oregon coast)...premium agriculture area (veggies, fruit, beef, dairy) & flowers (tulips, lilies, poppies), pure air, drink the rain water...really a great place to enjoy retirement with lots of great people as well...true multi-generational locals and others from all over! Bit more expensive (as Hawaii or Alaska) but fully civilized and what the local Bunnings (like Home Depot) does not have, there is eBay and Amazon. Drive on the left, but get used to that pretty quick.

Cheers, Rip
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Man, that sounds nice! Enjoy yourself! :thumbsup:
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Lets See, Jack Jumpers, Sharks, White Lipped snake, Copperhead, and Tiger Snake, White Tail and Funnel Web spider. Maybe gators at the edge of the state,
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Tassie has the least of those....but still some. Tiger and copperhead snakes are around, but since we got the grossly overgrown grounds tamed, not that many...and really no worse than the snakes in many parts of the States. Have not seen one White Lip snake, but supposed to be a few around. Sharks few and far between in these parts...some Jack Jumper ants....nasty if they get you, but I have only seen half a dozen in 7 years. There are some funnel Web spiders here, but not the Sydney variety...and I have yet to see any. No 'gators....but plenty of big mean crocs at the top end of the mainland....north Queensland and Northern Territory....but that is just one reason why we chose Tasmania!! But we were deep in bear and mountain lion country in Colorado and BC, Canada...had a black bear IN the house twice...often went armed if walking or working away from the house. So for the most part here....No Worries!!

Overall, Tasmania is as close to a practical paradise as any I've been....getting our permanent residency soon. Cheers, Rip
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Tasmania is beautiful. I was just poking. I live part time in LA, and we still loose a person every three or four years to mountain lions. We have a couple of huge city parks and they find a biker every now and then who was lunch.
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I recognize that there was no serious dissing of Tasmania going on...also did not mean to hijack this thread...but is unfortunate that so few know much at all about (or where) Tasmania....so it is our little secret...but I would not be overly happy to suddenly be "discovered" and over run by hoards of any persuasion! Heck....the sudden death of an aged trap-door spider at 43 (years, not days) in Western Australia even made international news!!

We spend a few months near Portland OR (grand kids you know), and they had a mountain lion hanging around a park & nature trails just a mile or so from our place.

Keep on PT-ing....I still drop in this section once in a while to see how everyone and various machines are doing.

Cheers, Rip
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New owner - PT1850 in New Hampshire