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Sep 15, 2009
Green bay, Wi
2013 Deere 4320 cab, 180 loader, 485 backhoe, 2021 Deere 1023e, Vermeer trencher, 2022 Deere 26g
Been talking with my dealer. I have a 2013 4320, cab, h180 loader, 485 backhoe, 2 remotes, 630hours and pretty much all the cab options. It's in very good shape no leaks, marks or dings.

They want to gave me a trade in price of 41k

The new 4044r has loader, two rear remotes, cab, and air seat. The price is 56,262 so price difference of $16,262.

I am looking for anyone's opinion on what they think of the price. I am thinking the trade value is a little low with the backhoe. When I was the the dealer he looked it up and showed me a price of $45000 now he is telling me 41k.

I haven't had a chance to push him to see if he will move on the price any. I tried to find a machine online like mine for pricing and couldn't find any. Haven't reached out to any other dealers.

Bought a new compact excavator months ago don't need the backhoe so thought I could trade it in with my machine and get a new one and not have to spend to much.
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630 is low hours...if your 4320 has the Deere Powertech engine, more torque...
Plus, do you really need to take on more debt?
Your money, your decision...

I had a 4520 with the Powertech engine. I really love my 4052R cab (especially the cab!!), but I miss that extra torque. The 4520 had about 2200 hours on it. Also, a Curtis cab which had no AC or other amenities except for heat (which didn't work too well). The 4520 never bogged down when snow blowing...the 4052 does.

But it's your money...

BTW, you'll like the H180 MSL loader, especially if you use pallet forks frequently.
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If I were you, I'd keep the 4320...
I’d love to buy your 4320 without the backhoe. Sounds like a good deal for the Deere dealership. New Deere will drive you crazy if you’re an analog guy.