PT 4xx trades lift arms for backhoe

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May 4, 2010
Jessup Mill, NC
Rk55HC 4n1 fel/bh, Power-Trac 1850, 425d, Terex pt30, Kubota kx033, bx1880, yanmar 8x8 dumper, Magnatrac mh5000 w/ loader, six way blade & backhoe, Dew-eze ATM72LC Slope Mower, Terramite t6 4wd, DR Power brush mower
Ok, front hoe
A Davis trencher bh is being fit up in the front of my power-trac mystery machine.


Built to complement my existing Kubota powered 425 and share space on my dovetail truck, this unit was earlier converted to a predator engine and will now be honda gx630 powered.

The excavator arm is swappable with the loader arms (using gantry or tk crane) and features hydraulic outriggers and a pt qa plate at the dipper /boom joint to allow carrying of a mini hoe or stump grinder.

The PT sourced mini hoe has never seen much use for me and if we can work it out will get modded to use a helac to tilt the bucket.

The bh valve bank has had float added and will be used to operate the loader arms when in use. A converted to hydraulic Dr power chipper will counterweight the bh on a rear mounted 2" receiver that can also be swapped with a 50' hyd hose reel w hydraulic Chainsaw, polesaw and brush cutter.

The balance of the machine is good as the weight is very low and tight to the machine.

This project is designed to support my trail work and landscape/farm restoration activities by pairing with my 1850 or 425 or magnatrac-mh5000 depending on the task.

More pics will come... Details too.
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Excellent idea! Will have to put it on my list if I ever get a 1430