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Mar 12, 2006
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I was wondering about the repower in your 682. After I sell my 982, I plan on buying a 782 and doing the Honda repower. My question is, how impressive with the kit were you? I was talking to a local shop owner, and he said those kits were just a hack job and not a good design at all. I know you've already done one, and I would like to have your opinion on it. I think the one I was looking at came from Small Engine Warehouse.
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I believe it was just the opposite for FLs. It was a perfect swap. Pricey, but you get what you pay for.

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I was looking at other option when I found Jim's Repair/Jim's Tractors and he is selling repower kits with a Vanguard instead of the Honda. I already have a newer cub with a Vanguard so I might go that route instead.
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The engine is on its third season now with no problems whatsoever. This has been one of SEW's must successful conversion kits. The parts that came with the engine including the brackets, wiring, PTO parts, muffler, and heat shield were all of the highest quality. This engine is the best running and performing small engine I have owned thus far, it's very impressive.

With that said for SEW's 682/782 conversion, some of their kits for other tractors do look like hack jobs, requiring you to cut holes in the side covers or use a diffrerent fuel tank, etc. The engines might work well, but the tractor then ends up looking chopped up. I don't think I'd bother with those conversions. Not only does the Honda work well with the 682/782, I think it fits in the tractor even better than the original Kohler KT did! The only thing I modified on the kit was fuel filter location to get it more out in the open rather than behind the engine for easier replacement. Other than that, everything is a breeze to service. They even included a high quality brass oil drain valve.

SEW was very helpful with me figuring out an electrical snafu I had when installing my new engine. The engine took about 5-6 hours to install. Good place, I really do recommend them.

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I'll have to call and talk to them. I'm wondering why they only advertise this kit with the Honda engine. I know they sell the Vanguards, but why they don't put them in 782's is a mystery.
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I could almost answer that for you. Quite a bit of engineering and tooling goes in to these kits, and they decided the Honda had the best fit for the job so they spent their time and effort with it. The Briggs Vanguard is such a similar engine to the Honda with a nearly identical price tag (Vanguard is actually built by Diahatsu), that I'm guessing they figure it would be a moot point to make kits for both the Honda and Vanguard for the same machine which would be necessary because of different dimensions, crankshafts, PTO mounting, etc. I'm guessing that's what the answer will be.