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Mar 19, 2005
4000\' mountains of Southern California
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I have been considering a 1540 for a smaller tractor to use for various uses that my Mahindra 7520 is a little to big for. I have 2 dealers within 35 miles of me and I am getting 2 different stories from them about how I want the tractor set up. This is what I was asking for from dealer 1.

1540 tractor with 12x12 powershuttle tranny & larger R4 tires
loader with skid steer attach 66" heavy duty bucket
2 factory rear remotes
draft control
wheel weights
rear work light
factory canopy, gray color

This tractor was to come from the assembly plant with all of these options, NO DEALER PREP. Out the door price of $28,000. Is this price a few thousand high?

I give the 2nd dealer the same list over the phone. He says that there are no optional, larger R4 tires, only 1 standard size and that the canopy is red, not gray. that the only difference between loader buckets is that the heavy duty one has holes in it to bolt on a cutting edge.

By the way, dealer1 was looking in a catalog when he asked me about the tire size that I wanted and if I wanted a white or a gray canopy.

So here are my questions.
Is there 2 different size R4 tires available from the factory?
What color are the factory canopies available in?
What is the difference between a std loader bucket and a heavy duty one?
What would be a good price for this tractor?
Any TBN members - Massey dealers interested in making a sale?

Thanks for any info that you guys can help out with.:)
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as far as i know the hd has the bolt on blade and is welded on the outside and inside also has side cutting edge on it which the std duty one doesn't..i got my 1547 from powerland in valley center i like dealing with charley at valley tractor but valleys prices were alot higher.. also talked to some guy in hemet but his prices were also up there...jon
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jon, was your tractor ordered for you, or had it been on their lot? If you don't mind, how much below list price were you able to get your tractor for?

Talk later.:)
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got it off the lot test drove both the deere and massey he sells both jd was just too cramped for me.. im not sure how much off of list but got it for 23400. came with the loader and filled tires, and industrials now i just need to get a canopy... that sun is killing me...
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Jon, the sun is definitely hard on you. I have some sort of shade on all my tractors. Is the 1547 a bigger tractor than the 1540, or just a bigger motor? Sounds like you got a good price on it. How long have you had it? Would you do anything different with it, or need to add anything besides a sunshade? While I have been looking for a smaller tractor when setting on various models, none of the ones that I have tried, felt as comfortable as the 1540. Everything was in the right place for me. Actually it was a 1533 that I had sat on and looked at. I sure would like to try out a powerShuttle though.

Maybe we could get together sometime and talk tractor stuff.:cool:
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MtnViewRanch said:
Is the 1547 a bigger tractor than the 1540, or just a bigger motor? I sure would like to try out a powerShuttle though.
Not Jon, but the 1547 is a larger frame tractor. The PowerShuttle is a fantastic transmission. My 1440 has a PS and the only transmission offered that I would like to have more would be the DynaQPS.
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i got the 1547 because im 6'4" and it had more of everything power wise. i think the turbo would be good for the higher alt. the only thing i would do different is get the hd 72" bucket instead of the reg 72" bucket. also would get the quick pin bucket and forks had it since fathers it jon


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