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Jan 28, 2006
Montana 3040
Thank god for this site. The Montana manuals are so vague this site provides much needed info. My new question is, what items can be attached to the quick disconnect mounting system on my 3040 FEL? Will it accept standard Skidsteer attachments or only Montana accessories?

Thanks in advance.
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On the current loaders on the compacts they will only except Montana attachments.The new optional curved boom loaders have the universal type skid steer mounting
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Hey Shifty
Will they accept Branson attachments?
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No the pattern is different.There are a couple of aftermarket companies that do make products for them as well, I wish that everybody had a standard pattern like universal skid steer
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Woodsman, do you have the curved boom loader?

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I don't know about your model, but my 5740C can use anything and everything that a skidsteer uses.
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No Maka, I have a straight boom FEL. Must have been a very early 2006.