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Nov 12, 2020
Pageland, SC
BX 1880 with FEL and canopy
I've found a thread or two about the quick Spade attached to the end of pallet forks and it sounds like it may be a very useful piece for me from time to time. It's also fairly cheap.

I posted a question about it in a FB group about Kubota B and BX tractors, and that turned into a huge debacle of people telling me not to because of all the damage it would surely cause, or how useless it must be and they could do more with a shovel. Note none of these folks have actually used one.

I'm convinced it would be useful for some things, but were their concerns about it being damaging to the tractor warranted? After all you could probably damage a tractor with any implement if used without care and sense or if used incorrectly. But this would also be a light duty tractor, so I do want to make sure I don't need to be concerned because of that. I have a BX1880 on order.
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I have a Bucket Solutions (brand) bucket spade, the heaviest bucket spade on the market. I have used it regularly for seven years and it has been very useful. However, this 110 pound bucket spade is too heavy for a BX. Research lighter bucket spades.

I doubt the minimal hydraulics and minimal weight of a BX1880 will operate a light bucket spade attached to pallet forks, where leverage will be working against the tractor. Mounted directly on the FEL bucket I guesstimate a light bucket spade may allow digging to 30" - 36" depth.

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That helps me decide then between the combination spade that will clamp to the bucket or go to the forks or just the fork version.

I hope to use it with forks, as it would go deeper and visibility would be better, but that wouldn't be worth a hill of beans if it won't dig in. I've seen videos of it trenching very successfully on a B but not a bx. Not yet anyway.

This is the one I've been eyeballing. They also make one that will go on the forks or clamp to the bucket.

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You certainly show the usefulness of a bucket spade in your thread! I will be in sand, but I see that you are as well.
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I have the paumco combo quick spade.

Used on B20. Great for planting orchard trees and blueberries. Cutting hedge privet and multiflora roses from near/under fences. Poor man’s backhoe. Did manage to bend the tractor bucket cutting edge. Able to straighten then reinforced with bottom plates welded in. Gathered and placed many large rocks for landscaping ( probably where I bent my bucket).

With the new B26 and ssqa quick attachment use the pallet forks. Handy for small holes and trail and driveway maintenance. Good size for cleaning drainage ditches. Have backhoes now but some places this tool has advantages. Sharpened it can cut small tree or bushes flush with the ground. With a small HST tractor loader it is quick and maneuverable. Sure beats a hand shovel. Just be careful with the amount of leverage you can generate.
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forks are designed for lifting not pushing and you risk bending your fork rack. I'd recommend a spade bucket.
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I do not see any that pin on, but I have contemplated purchasing one and welding it on to the blank plate for the AI2 quick attach that I'll have.
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I have now come across several people who use them on forks, and prefer that to using them on the bucket due to visibility and greater digging depth.

They haven't had any issues. I'm sure that depends on the specific forks being used behind the spade. And the tractor behind the forks that are behind the spade. And the nut that is behind the steering wheel of the tractor that is behind the forks that are behind the spade .
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Rigging the bucket spade on is a bit of a challenge. Not only to retain in place but for strength. Used a special ratchet chain binder from Northern tool. It has T-handle and attached 6’ of chain. Works good on small buckets and fork frames.

Durabilt 3/8" T-Handle Ratchet Binder w/ 6 ft Chain Extension - 7100 lbs WLL - #LDR-UR-38