Rankin equipment...is it any good?

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Aug 6, 2007
Spokane, WA
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A dealer a few miles away carries Rankin attachments. What do you guys know about them? Anyone have any experience with their stuff?

They didn't have what I was looking for on hand just a catalog of the item. I was interested in the 30 series medium duty 6 way back blade 7' wide. They claimed they are a lot beefier then the King Kutter's, which is just something I could visually compare it too in my own mind. The catalog said it weighed in at a little over 500 pounds. Is that a pretty heavy blade compared to others out there?

He said the price was a little over $1000.

What do you all think?

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The only thing I have experience with is a Rankin ripper. It supposedly is the lightweight model but has seen several hundred feet of lava and the paint is just starting to wear off. The ripper is pretty darn solid. I'd buy something else from them.
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KK has what they call the Professional Series, I bought one of those for a little over $500. It slides for adjustment and seems to be a pretty heavy and good. I really would like to put some guage wheels on it though. bjr
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I'm pretty sure Rankin isn't a manufacturer (I might be wrong though). I suspect they are just re-branding someone else's product.

Rankin Equipment Co.
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Rankin manufactures their products in Yakima, WA - that's why they are the predominant implement provider in the Northwest - shipping is much cheaper since it only has to come from Yakima (central WA). I have a Rankin toothbar. I would definitely buy again from them. Like the other post, the paint is just wearing a little bit. Very cleanly built. Very strong.
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I have a medium duty bushhog(tebbins), a light duty ripper and chain harrow from them, and it is all first rate equipment. They do market some other manufacturers equipment, such as rotary cutters, but they sell good quality stuff. My impliments were very well built(especially that ripper) and I have been very happy with them. I would buy their products again if I needed something.
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I have a BB and and Landscape rake, both are TOP NOTCH !!!:D