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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
John Deere 2320
I hate to throw things away if there is any use for them, but I have some old file cabinets that will never be used again. I came up with a way to make one of them into a rear carry box that should come in handy. When I work firewood, I'm always carrying things in the bucket but I've not been happy with that approach.

Basically, I cut out the drawers and cut a slot in the base for carrying tools like shovels and rakes. I made a sleeve out of plywood and mounted on the other side to carry the chainsaws. For simplicity, I made a 2 inch tube bracket so I can attach it to my receiver attachment for the quick hitch. I could have put a three point attachment on it, but this was much simpler.

I had the steel, the plywood and paint left over from other projects. The only cost was a dollar or so for fasteners from Tractor Supply (bulk by the pound).

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Now mount the drawers to the back side of it to carry smaller things like bar oil, fuel, tools, etc.
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I was expecting something beer related, but that'll work, too.


Very nice. :thumbsup:
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That's clever. I tried making a slide out power tool storage from a 4 drawer file a few years ago. Didn't work out so I chunked it. Had I seen this,I might not have gave up so soon. My kids (grown,gone and married with grown kids of their own) give me grief for doing things like that. They claim it make's me appear like a bag lady to family, friends and neighbors. The fact I carry insurance and maintain a savings account so as never needing community fund raisers when I'm sick or property is destroyed mean's little to them.
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Now I got to get one of those FREE Craigs List file cabinets. There are 1 or 2 out there each week! Thanks!

BTW, nice John Deere with the Yanmar frame, engine and 3pt. It will last decades and even generations!
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An old heavy fireproof cabinet would add some ballast weight too.
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Great job!
Those old government file cabinets are built like tanks. I cover the bottom with sheetmetal and casters sometimes to store filters, tools and stuff in the shop away from mice.