Rear remote hydraulic pressure dk40se

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Dec 31, 2008
Kioti DK40SE
I just finished my 50 hr service on my dk40se gear drive. I didn't realize it took so much fluid! Ended up costing about $260ish, and that's doing it myself! Anyway I thought I'd check the hydraulic pressure while was at it. I hooked a guage to the remote hydraulic port and checked pressure, at idle it was about 2700psi and at pto speed it was about 2800 psi. My question... is this too high? Also the pressure will be the same at the remotes as it is at the fel and the power steering right? (I don't have the right size fitting for the fel ports) I have read some on here about this subject and it seems 2500 psi is the average recommended pressure. I'm guessing it's fine since it came that way brand new. I just don't wanna hurt anything running at 2800 psi. Also I'd hate to lower the pressure and loose lifting capacity.
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