Recommend A Pressure Washer?

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I have a little gas-powered 2500 psi 7 hp unit from Excel, with a Devilbiss pump and Briggs engine. It was ideal when I had a little 1/4 acre lot with a deck and patio on a smaller house, used it every spring for cleaning mold off the siding, cleaning the deck and patio.

Then I upgraded to a place with about 3000 sq.ft. of patios, another 1000 sq.ft. of deck, and miles of walls and windows. It's a bit small for the job now, but won't die, so I'm still using it after almost 25 years.

What I've learned, size the tool to the job. Properly maintained and in the low-hours hands of most homeowners, these things are going to last damn near forever. I've replaced a hose, and just this year finally had to replace short impulse hose attached to the pump, but it's just been oil changes and air filters beyond that.

Based on the minimal usage you describe, I'd probably go electric. They're not fantastic, I'd never want to wash a large patio with an electric, but they might just suit your needs best. Infrequent use is the enemy of most gasoline-powered implements.
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I have a Greenworks electric 3000psi unit that I love.
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Holy thread revival! 🤣 I too have a 3400 PSI Simpson that works very well, has the GC Honda engine on it. I will say the fist one I bought blew up immediately although I dont blame Simpson for that, I blame Honda. Either way the replacement has been great for several years now.
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In all this stuff, look at flow rate vs. pressure, not just static pressure. 3000 PSI is useless if it's only achieved at 1 GPM.

If you want to run a surface cleaner, you're automatically looking at something that can maintain pressure (eg. > 2500 PSI) at 2.5+ GPM. That takes horsepower, no matter how you slice it.

If OP only ever intends to use narrow fan nozzles or maybe an occasional turbo nozzle, then flow requirement is not quite as high.
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My Greenworks is 2gpm, and the surface cleaner works very well on our concrete sidewalks and patio. Not sure it's reaching 3000psi at that flow, but it does a heck of a good job
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My Greenworks is 2gpm, and the surface cleaner works very well on our concrete sidewalks and patio. Not sure it's reaching 3000psi at that flow, but it does a heck of a good job
Yeah, mine is a bit marginal for surface cleaner work, as well. I found a little 12" surface cleaner that works on 1.2 GPM, and it's slower than I'd like, but it does the job without causing my little 7 hp machine to drop pressure.

The Greenworks is actually only 1.1 GPM at 3000 PSI. They advertise it as "2 GPM", but it can only develop 100 PSI at that flow rate. I'm not knocking it, my machine is wimpy too, just making sure others understand that most of these manufacturers are a little deceptive in how they badge these things. Greenworks is actually better than most of the legacy makers, who really hide their specs.

In any case, if using that machine with a surface cleaner, you'd want to find a surface cleaner that has a flow rate near 1.1 GPM, not much more. That's probably fine for most homeowners, unless you have a ton of patio that you're cleaning every year.

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Just finished using mine... Ridgid 3000 psi, 2.6 gpm, Subaru 6hp motor. It's a beast.
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I have several but the $70 cheapie electric I find great for equipment clean up.

For washing down tennis courts and such a gas 4000 psi gets the job done.

Gas Pressure washers can be very loud so if funds available quiet is good plus hearing protection a must.

A 4000 psi can be softened by changing tips or backing away…

The local boys and girls club was hoping to get the pool usable and I loaned my 3000 psi Honda unit to them for a weekend and did a very good job…
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Simpson brand is the best brand out there. A 3100psi gas powered unit for well under $500 is common. They come with hose and gun. Sold by most big box stores like Home Depot with free delivery.
Picked up a 3100 psi Honda engined Simpson a few years ago at TSC's black Friday sale. Been a reliable good machine, think I paid less than $200 for it.
The only black Friday sale I ever went to, about 4 miles from me.