Reliable Hose?

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Rubber hose here. Drain it in winter. Sits on the hose holder outside all the time. 15 years old. Still going. Brass connectors heavy duty for sure. Came from Big lots lol.
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My wife bought a Flexzilla hose about 5 years ago, she wanted a flexible easy to handle hose and so far it is holding. The only time it gets put away is when the weather starts getting down to freezing, the rest of the time she leaves it out to work on its sun tan.
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I had the same hose issues for years. One day my local farm store had a bin of hoses 24' and less for like $8. I bought a couple of them for speculation. Turns out the brand is called Flexogen. I have since bought 300' feet of this hose and we store it on a large rolling cart. Been about 12 years now I suppose. Tires are rotted off the cart. Cart is rusted pretty bad, this brand of hose has been and still is the best I've used in 40 years. If I remember, their slogan was "the last hose you'll ever buy", and I say so far so good.
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Gilmour Flexegen has a lifetime guarantee on it and I've used their warranty in the past with excellent results. If it fails (for whatever reason), you cut off the ends and send them to Gilmour and they send you a new hose, easy peasy.

Be apprised the Gilmour hose isn't cheap but if it fails, you get a new one and the end fittings are all heavy duty brass as well.

What I do with a failed Gilmour hose is, I go and buy new plastic clamp on ends and keep using it and get the replacement one (no charge) as well.
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Sears Craftsman are my only hoses and have not bought one in many years...
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Our Briggs and Stratton hoses last for years and years.
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I bought the flexilla hose 3 years ago, and it is by far the best of the hoses in my collection.

I liked it so well, I just bought their air hose to replace the cracked and leaky Harbor Freight hose
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That lime green HD hose I bought sometime last year, sprung a leak last night.


LOL for me.