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Sep 6, 2003
Power-Trac 1445, KUBOTA B-9200HST
I have to replace the PTO pump in my PT-1445. I suspected it was going bad after trying to use the stump grinder/trencher, and several other umplements. They would run, but woule slow down to dead stop. I don't have much room to unbolt the pump and slide it off the back of the tram pump so I thought I would take the radiator off the back. Found out that it will not come off unless the engine is raised about 6 to 8 in. I gave up on that idea. and decided to just unbolt the engine, and raise the engine package up about 6 in. I only had to remove one radiator hose to get at one of the engine hold down bolts. I then raised the engine up enough to slide a hydraulic wedge under the engine mount and raised the whole engine assembly a little at a time and put blocks under the engine frame.. The PTO pump was removed and taken to my local hydraulic shop to verify my assumption that it was bad, and it was. They took it apart and showed me the inside of the pump which had wear marks.
I will try and take some pictures of the wear points. I ordered a new pump, and should be in a couple of weeks. I asked about rebuilding it, and they said that it wasn't worth rebuilding and the parts would be more than the cost of a new pump. It is a Eaton/Cessna 16 gpm pump with a splined shaft. What ticks me off about the setup, is that there is no reason for the PTO pump to run unless you are using the PTO. Belt driven PTO, with electric clutch would have been better. In all of the PT's , the PTO pump is always running when the engine is running. Should be easy enough to reinstall everything .


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<font color="blue"> In all of the PT's , the PTO pump is always running when the engine is running. </font>

In my PT-425 it has to, it is also the steering pump.
Bad pump; that stinks /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

My 2445 is setup a little different, but sandwiched between the variable pump and the steering/loader pump, it also must run all the time.

I'm curious to see your pictures because I didn't think they were supposed to wear much unless under constant load. My bigger issue is that I'd really like a reversing circuit, but of course that takes much more valving.

I had weak aux this fall too, but got lucky and only had a jammed relief valve. Hopefully, it cooperates this spring.
I think mine has a two section PTO pump. One section is for the main 8GPM PTO that runs implements and the other section is for the steering rams and lift rams, as well as the auxillary PTO which operates with the knee lever. Since they are bolted together, they always run, even though we don't need the main PTO section running unless there is a powered implement attached. However, clutches and brackets and pulleys and belts all add up to increase the cost of the unit. As with everything, there are trade offs. /forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif
Moss, check your plumbing. /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif Er, I mean hydraulic lines. I think you will find the steering and PTO use the same pump section, while the lift and tilt mechanisms use the other.
JJ I am looking forward to the pics and info. Sorry about the failure. How many hrs on the PTO pump and when your ready what do you think made it fail?

Here is a pic of my set up.
I believe this statement and photo to be true.
All cylinders work off the same pump. This would explain why the lift stops lifting when you start steering and when using the mini hoe you loose break out power when activating the steering. With some experience you learn to work with this (the nature of the beast).


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Hey JJ sorry to hear about your pto pump. Hope you can get it fixed without too much expense. Was it a brute to get the engine up or did it come up pretty easy? If I understood right you didn't have to take but one hose off ,plus naturally the ones to the pump. Let us know how easy the engine goes back down and the mounting holes line up and how much trouble you have installing the pump. Again hope it don't cost too much and you get it running again soon.
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I have three pumps. A single pump for the lift and steering. A large tram pumps on the other end of 4 cylinder gas engine. The third pump is the PTO pump, piggy backed on the tram pump. Unfortunately, the PTO pump runs when the engine.