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Mar 4, 2008
Southwestern Wisconsin
BCS 850 diesel and 735 diesel
Hey all,

I got a chance to run my BIO-90 today and had time to make a little video.

I've been saying for a long time that the BIO-90 doesn't get near enough attention. I had a BIO-100 and used it for many hours, but got rid of it to buy a BIO-90. It has many advantages over the BIO-100.

The BIO-100 has a 3" capacity with a 3" hole. It works fine when chipping broomsticks, but its capacity goes way down when the material is crooked or has a lot of branches. You need to spend a lot more time preparing the material in order to be able to get it into the hole. The BIO-90 has a 2.5-3" capacity, but it has a steeply angled chute, and a 6" hole. This allows crooked and brushier material to get to the blades. Some prep time is still required, but much less is necessary. The steep angle of the chute allows the operator to drop smaller brush in and walk away, assured that the material is likely to self-feed. The BIO-100's chute does not have the same steep angle, so everything must be fed the whole time.

With the size of the hole on the BIO-90, the operator has to be conscious of the size of material they try to feed. A 4" branch will go in, and it will immediately kill to machine.

I also REALLY like the fact that it has a discharge chute. I used it to fill a wheelbarrow today, but it could also be used to make a huge pile of chips. The BIO-100 shot the material on the ground right below it and it had to be cleared fairly often.

It's also VERY fast. Almost too fast. An operator has to be careful not to let the material go in too fast. I snuffed the diesel engine once.