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No headline with bank honors terms of contract.
Investors default on loan, huge mall to close, hundreds lose jobs might catch national/global attention.
Boo hoo. You think they should not have tried to build that mall in the first place? It was once a good business proposition until the city ruined the environment.

Players staked their positions, "I'll accept this much risk for this much profit." Turned out to be riskier than they believed. That is why there is a profit baked in at the front, because there is a risk of losing more than the initial investment.

The investors concluded they had lost enough money already and no chance of recovering, so they exercised options in the contract to return the property to the banks. If the banks can operate it at a profit they will.
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Maybe you don't go to the grocery store, lumber yard or check out prices of tractors. Real world experience and common sense shows that a dollar will only buy about 70% of what it would a couple of years ago.
Remember when a lot of people were hollering about free money in zero percent loans? How about those 1.89% home loans? Or 0.015 percent on Saving Accounts, CD’s? Well the chickens have chome to roost.

“Why is the dollar losing its value?

“Easy monetary policy by the Fed can weaken the dollar when investment capital flees the U.S. as investors search elsewhere for higher yield. Declining economic growth and corporate profits can cause investors to take their money elsewhere.”