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Mar 20, 2021
John Deere 1023E
A dealer informed me that Rural King May have a new model out by June. Possibly designated the RK25. Would have an option for a cab with A/C. Anyone else heard this rumor or have any information on it?
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RK Tractors just posted a video on their FB page on the new RK25 and you can build it on their website. I didn’t see an option for a cab.
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Doesn't look like the website is fully updated yet.

Just checked, shows the cab option for the RK24, only $ 2999 and $500 for installation. (think I'll pass.)

On the RK25 page lists a "Sunshade Canopy" as an option, but no mention of a cab option yet.

Of note, the price for my configuration (Loader, Backhoe, no mower, bit 3rd function valve) went up by $1750.
9% increase!

Glad I brought last year:)