RK55, issues with rust?

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Mar 5, 2017
Southwest Ohio
Ford 1920
I'm very interested in RK55HC.
My Ford 1920 is getting worn out, it's been hard to find something with enough power in a not-compact frame. The 1920 is much larger than most other compact utility tractors.

For the RK55, it's been hard to commit to a 'budget' tractor that's 30k. Has anyone gone to a few year old LS or Kubota?

My concern is cheap hardware and rust (i'm in Ohio) where cheap bolts and similar are rusted within a year. The RK55s we have here in Ohio have sat through 1 winter and already have rusted bolts and some hardware including hydraulic connectors. They also have rust around welds in the rims. I wish the rim inserts were replaceable, but whatever.

Any advice or feedback?

Also, interesting routing of the front hydraulic 3rd option... It's dented the oil filter and may even wear through.
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Mickey mouse hose routing ...... You leave the tractor outside ?
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Wait until you try to get the filter off at your first oil change - lotta cussin'. They paint over the filter after it's screwed on (look for my detailed 50hr service post). I cut the zip ties and left them off.
The picture you show is not the hoses for the 3rd function - that valve is bolted to a cross-arm on the loader. The only thing that goes to the loader is a wire. These hoses are the for the steering.
Mine is outside all the time - at 8 months no issue with rust any worse than my almost 20yo New Holland (which has had two loader hydraulic hose connectors rust through).
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I have the RK37 but I would think as far as hardware goes I would think it's the same between models. Mine is almost 2 years old and sits outside 24/7 and the only rust I've noticed is on one of the doo hickies that you tighten to lock the grill guard in position. My biggest gripe is the paint fades extremely fast in my opinion. My rotary cutter was purchased at the same time and the paint is still perfect on it.......Don
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Mines outside and covered, no rust. My implements are covered except for my brush cutter.

My paint has faded pretty badly. To the point the tractor no longer looks red. I actually waxed mine when I got it but it didn’t help.

There was a little paint coming off the bucket due to use and me hitting it when changing it out with the grapple. I’m not worried about it. I cleaned it up, sanded it and threw some rustoleum paint on it.
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RK is manufactured by TYM, if possible locate a used one or a 10 series Mahindra with a few years on it. They will give you an idea how the machine will rust. The only thing is on the Mahindra they make their own loader for it. I was looking a few years back at a TYM 451 that had been used in a logging operation. The only rust I really saw on it was on the hose connections on the hoses and piping on the loader.
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Haven't purchased yet, local store doesn't know R14 options and I don't want an already faded pink tractor.
Yes this will sit outside year round.
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Haven't purchased yet, local store doesn't know R14 options and I don't want an already faded pink tractor.
Yes this will sit outside year round.

If you are concerned about hose end fitting rust, just coat the fittings with some marine quality 2 part epoxy paint when the tractor is new.
I bought a 14 year old Kubota TLB, cleaned up and epoxy coated, all the hose end fittings.
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Just bought mine three weeks ago. I know this tractor sat out in the parking lot for over a year. Really dont see anything rusty on it per say. But yes, they did have primer issues and the paint is faded on mine, but they made it worth my while because of that issue. Mine will be stored inside from now on though.