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Frank Sorbello

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Jul 12, 2011
Power Trac PT-422
I believe I have read most of the threads and posts on the Power Trac forum in the last several months. I am sitting on the fence as to wether purchase one or not in the near future. Maybe it is just me, but it seems there are more negative posts about the Robin Subaru engine than I would care to read. I wish there were other choices for engines. Why does Power Trac only offer the Robin / Subaru engine in the PT 425 and 422.
Right now it is the only thing stopping me from purchasing a PT-425.
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I don't know anything about PT's but I saw the title of the thread and decided to look.

I was skeptical of the Subaru motor as well. I was looking to purchase a Rigid pressure washer. Did some research and it turns out that they build or at least did build more small engines than any other company out there. I have had my pressure washer going on 6 years and it still starts by the second pull. Just my 2 cents.
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I am not going to comment on the Robin engine issue, IMO it is hard to find a small reliable engine with the china price pressure and the US Gas blend. Let any engine sit for a month and you will more than likely have an issue.

Also, this forum is for those who need help, not so much for those who are happy. I think PT is a fantastic machine, you won't find much else like it for the price. But it has quirks, fit and finish issues. It is a swiss army knife of tractors, and in the end it will not do any of the tasks you ask of it excellent, just really good.
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considering the hp per $ the Robin engine is a value, the problems I have experienced with mine were not engineering flaws in my opinion, but were manufacturing QC issues, plus keep in account my 425 sits unused for months at a time then when I do use it I do not ''baby it'' by any means and probably am guilty of the sin of ''abusing my tractor'', in all actuality there are very few mods I would do overall to the unit itself, in my opinion the work I did in the first 100 hours of operation the machine paid for itself and now owes me nothing
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My 2001 PT4215 has the Kohler command 25HP engine. I recommended Power Tracs here on TBN based on my experience with the new machine. However, Power Trac switched to the Robbin Subaru engine and I have heard numerous stories about cold weather starting problems with that engine. I feel badly for folks that have that engine.

Just the other day, my PT425 started up fairly easily with no pre-heating, starting fluid, battery charger, nothing, after sitting for a week in the garage. It was 9 degrees. The Kohler has 450-500 hours on it. Original plugs for crying out loud. 12 year old plugs!

THAT's the kind of dependability I want in a machine in the middle of winter. I don't want to have to jump start it, pre-heat it, mess with it, etc.... I have no idea why Power Trac switched from Kohler. Maybe it doesn't get cold in WV, so they don't have to deal with it? In my opinion, it was a big mistake to go with that engine. It may be a good engine. It may be a durable engine. It may even last longer and out perform the Kohler. But if it doesn't start when you need it, what good is it?
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My Dec 2010 PT 425 with a Robin engine has never had the issues reported in this forum with the older engines. My experience with two 25 hp Kohler Command engines in Craftsman Garden tractors was not good.
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It is human nature. We are all most familiar with the device we have as we have the most experience with it and the most time to detect its flaws. The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence. Other people's cars, houses, jobs, spouses, guns, etc. Ours is a known quantity. The other possibilities are a 'hope' for something better. Ever notice how often we switch looking for the perfect. Well there isn't any perfect.
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i have this engine on my Ariens rear tine tiller and i love it starts on first or second pull runs great.