roller pump maintanance?

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Personally, my hoses were just garden hose type hoses, expect the long high pressure hose from the regulator to the nozzle, so yep, I just disconnected the hoses, flushed the pump, put in the antifreeze, and capped it.

As to why you couldn't get yours back together, it had to have been one of two things; either you didn't get it clean enough or you were trying to assemble it wrong. I've had such things happen with other tools, but not with the Hypro pumps.
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buckthorn said:
I had a pump (Hypro) seize as well, but after cleaning it and replacing the rollers, we couldn't get the thing back together again. The two large pieces didn't quite fit anymore -- it wouldn't shut. Weird.

This one is a new one on me???:confused:

Are you sure they were the correct rollers?:confused:

Are you sure the impeller was completely seated?:confused: