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Jan 18, 2004
east TN
Power-trac 422 2003 model and 428 January 2015 model

I am getting ready to build a ROP for my 422. Does any one have measurements for it? I have look at some pics and have concluded that it is built out of 1 ½ inch pipe which measures almost 2 inches OD. What does the top measure? How high is it from the bolt holes that hold it on? On top how much sticks out in front of the pipe? ETC. Any info would help. Thanks so much as all of you have been a tremendous help to me already!!!
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Re: ROP\'s

On PT-425:

Roof to top of seat = 40.5".
Roof = 24.5" X 36".
Pipe OD = 1.75".
Mounting Bolts to roof = 44".
Ground to roof = 70.5".

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Re: ROP\'s

WOW 14 that will do great. Thanks a million
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Re: ROP\'s

Got it done. Thanks again 14 for the help.
P.S. I may paint it a different color after Christmas.


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Re: ROP\'s

I still need to run the wiring throught the pipe though.


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Re: ROP\'s

Looks great, but resist the temptation to roll test it!!!!

"" I may paint it a different color after Christmas. ""

Anything is an improvement over JD Green!!!

Next Summer you may appreciate a White top!!


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Re: ROP\'s

Thanks cqaigy I believe I enjoy working on this machine as well as I do working with it. And 14 don’t worry I will try not to test it out other than to see if the lights work well mounted to it. I’m going to mount another set on top and a small set on the back of it for backing up. Switches for each set and another fused circuit from the battery will be used. It seem that uses for the ROP’s by adding mounts, compartments, hooks and slots could be endless. I am looking at the ROP as another piece of equipment rated high on the list. Thanks for the Ideas and help Guys. I’ll post some pics when finished.