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Mar 26, 2004
John Deere 6130M
I just bought a used 7320. I am doing a full service on it. I stopped at the dealer (over an hour away) and picked up fuel, oil, and hyd filters. They only gave me the black fuel filter and the machine has a black and a grey one. I asked them if it had one or two and they said one. Is this other fuel filter a dealer only item or can I cross it to something locally. I haven’t taken the old one off as I don’t want to have the machine down and I can’t see any numbers in it.
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The black filter that they gave you is the pre-filter and the grey one is the main fuel filter, part number F6800-16411. I don't think there is a direct aftermarket cross available, but I think there is a Baldwin filter that it can be interchanged with, although I don't have the number handy.
However, we or almost any other dealer could economically ship you one filter like that if you need it.
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