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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
LS XR4140H (Mine) BX2380 (wife’s)
2007 Scag SCZ-36A 19KAI w/ Kawasaki FH580V-AS33

Cranks but not fire/start, even with starter fluid

New plugs, gapped .30
New ignition coils gapped
Good spark both cylinders.
Cleaned contacts, voltage regulator

Fuel system
Both tanks removed, flushed
New connectors
New 1/4 in fuel lines
New inline filters
New water separator
New, filtered E0 gas
Good fuel flow to carb
New carb
Valves adjusted

Right 100
Left 115

Battery charged
All safeties working

Got it back from local repair guy today, unable to id problem, suggests maybe replace engine.
While I can find FH580v, it’s the AS33 that has me baffled as to appropriate substitutes.
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You have compression, spark, and (starter fluid) fuel. Valve problem? Sticking open?
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valves adjusted
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Is the spark weak looking ? Lots of ignition systems can deliver a spark ouside of the compression stroke but not in one. The reason is possibly a CDI unit or whatever is used for spark control.
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Spark is strong, been tried with different plugs and points. Observed just bare and with tester.
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Maybe a long shot but has anybody checked the flywheel key to see if it got sheared. Which would recreate everything to run but at the wrong timing. Therefore no start.
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I have a 2010 Scag Wildcat with a 26hp Kawasaki engine. First couple of years it was flawless. Then the safety switches started acting up and it wouldn't start until I figured out which one it was and either bypassed it, or replaced it. This just got worse and worse.

Eventually I pulled every wire off of the mower and just wired up what I absolutely needed to start it and keep it running.

I don't know what's wrong with your Scag, but from what I've seen, it's electrical, and it's probably part of the safety stuff that they have on them.
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I still suspect it could be a timing issue.

Yea, the electrical has been a problem a couple times. All the safeties check out and it does crank.

I had replaced the control module earlier, only way to start was jump the ground, otherwise it didn’t even crank. New module was in several months before current issue.
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Got the bay cleaned out for the scag work, including enough horizontal surface. Actually got the Scag running and didn’t do any major mechanical work. Closest we came was pulling the flywheel to check the key. Perfect. Just scratching our heads and going back to believing it was a timing issue. Did tweak the valve adjustments.
Problem is electrical. Pulled the black leads off the coils and it cranked and started. Apparently, the electronic module has gone bad again. Current one replaced last Oct. The module, via these leads shuts down the engine. Sadly, I had dismissed this module as being the problem as my only prior experiences were no crank at all. So now it starts just fine and when keyed off the fuel solenoid is triggered and engine dies. Replacement module on order.
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With Scag, it's always electrical. Good to hear that you figured it out.