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Sep 15, 2011
Mitsubishi MT320
Decided I needed a "power ladder " and bought a JLG 3246E2 scissor lift.

Hydraulics work fine, raises and lowers easily. Batteries all charged at 12.5 volts.

Controls seem to work fine. Just won't MOVE. Drive wheel just spins.

Any ideas?
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Drive spins because of a brake lock/safety perhaps??
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If the drive wheel is spinning and not moving, than its not touching the ground? Personally i find if scissors lifts arnt on solid concrete or asphalt, they get stuck alot. Is the ground flat under unit. Also, alot of these units have i believe what is called pothole protection system that lowers as deck is raised. These tend to get stuck on things. They also have limit switches all over the place. You may need to get ahold of a owners manual and service manual.
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Is the wheel touching the ground? Is the unit on a flat solid (preferably paved) surface? They do not move well on uneven surfaces.
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Is the wheel touching the ground? Is the unit on a flat solid (preferably paved) surface? They do not move well on uneven surfaces.
They don’t move at all on unpaved service except for off road series. Ive been stuck many times by not paying attention while moving alongside new buildings doing electrical and happen to hit some ice or a little dirt.
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Thanks guys. Yes, it's on a solid concrete surface. This unit weights around 5000 pounds so I assume that there is weight on the spinning wheel. So my suspicion is a protective switch of some kind.

There is a little slope on this slab and I'm trying to move it in reverse. It will move forward on the slight down slope.

Is there a "slope detector " somewhere?
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Doubt it, ive run them on slopes before. Odd that a tire turns but it doesnt move. Can you see completely under it. Some units wont lift if on slope, those 2 little flipper arms on the bottom have to extend before it will lift.

how did they deliver it? Didnt it drive off of trailer
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Brother and I delivered with his trailer. It was a difficult effort and I finally had to get my tractor with fork lift.
It got stuck on every lip. Something isn't right.
It's been raining since I got it so I haven't messed with it.
Wife found a manual this morning on the machine that is wet. I'll check it out when it dries a little.

I need to understand how these things work.

Thanks for replies.
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I don't know yours, but plant ones I've driven had double safeties and deadman's so they could be operated from in the cage or rescued from below.
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My scissor lift is very sensitive to any slope. Also, if the deck is raised at all some bars extend downward for added stability. I would check to see if you have any such bars contacting the ground (along the sides of the scissor lift.)

I used it all the time with no problems. Then started using it in a different property and the #%^%#$%& thing kept quitting on me. It was all due to being on a slope. A v-e-r-y slight slope.