selling some old simplicities - how much should I ask?

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Mar 4, 2008
Southwestern Wisconsin
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Hey all,

I realize we mostly talk about Gravelys, grillos and BCSs, but I got a couple simplicities I want outta my way. I have the yellow tractor's engine, it's just not mounted. The rototiller attachment has to be less common, right? Any ideas on value?


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Those may be worth more as yard ornaments. People pay good money for an old one-lunger just to hold up the mailbox. Those appear to be newer than the 1949 Montgomery Wards made by Simplicity my father bought brand new to rototill a 1/2 acre "Victory Garden" for many years. With the trailer cart it was my first race car free-wheeling down hills over 25mph.
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I sure wish we were closer, it looks like I could use some parts. If those tires are as good as they look, they would bring a good buck. They are only worth what someone is willing to pay and since no more are being made .............. good luck on moving them. But as many will tell you PLEASE don't scrap them. If you can't sell them for a couple bucks, give them to someone for parts!!!!!!!! :confused::confused:
   / selling some old simplicities - how much should I ask?
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I have no intention on scrapping them. Too much stuff already goes that shouldn't. I have 2 scrapyards within 3 miles of me and I'm shocked at stuff that goes in. A couple weeks ago, someone pulled in a bale conveyor on trucks in great condition. Before I could stop them, they had it sheared on half. Last fall, I saw someone DRIVE a Uni harvester in. Granted, Unis aren't great machines, but it was still good enough to drive - lotsa good parts. It should never have been scrapped. That same time, I went in with soda cans and saw a pickup truck box loaded with David Bradley plows and tractors. I tried to buy them off them, but thankfully, they already had a buyer on their way.

The tires hold air, but that's about all. As with anything that has 50 plus year old tires on them, they have a significant amount of dry rot on the sidewalls. I think they'd disintegrate pretty fast once you started using them.

Is the tiller attachment common?