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I am thinking that if I only want a small offset (say six inches) that I could make plates with some holes in them. Then I could unbolt the "U" support bracket assembly from the deck and use the two plates to bolt between the deck and the "U" support bracket. I think this would give me 80% of what I want. It would also help mow under over hanging branches. Easy to make and do. Easy to undo.
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Resurrection of an old thread...

Stray? How's that mower deck holding up? I ask because I keep thinking about this mower you made and I'd like to find an old 28" snapper deck and put it under my Rubbermaid yard trailer with a canvas bag on top for a leaf bagger. I'd power it with a hydraulic motor and just let it follow me around behind the PT sucking up leaves.
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Sorry moss I haven稚 been on here for a while. The mower does fine. And the size hyd motor was just right. My deck was a 28" you might go slightly larger if yours is bigger.
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Thanks! I don't have one yet. I'm looking for an organ donor. I think the 28 or 33 would hang under the tongue of my Rubbermaid cart very nicely, although I'm not sure how high the motor will sit. I can always offset it a bit or put a box in the tongue for the motor to move up and down through if needed. Anyhow, no new projects until I get my current ones done. I have way too many in the "almost done" stages that need to be checked off the list. :rolleyes: But it never hurts to think about stuff! :D
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Could something like this work. You just sit up on your tractor or PT and guide it with remote control.

These tend not to be stable on a slope. The caster on the front don稚 help keep it straight.
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That mower looks sweet! I scabbed 2 together for my Kubota 6040, half alamo and half beaver. Goes out pretty far, but still seems to come 2 feet short. Can't get tractor any closer because of rocks. It gets to most of what I need then I wait until the water freezes and do it by hand.
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Hi Moss. I still have and am still using that side mower. Mostly using the big red bucket for fire wood. And the right side up or upside down wood splitter. For some reason I just love to cut and split fire wood. Have the two PT's now and it is nice to have 2.
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What is the 428 model? Was that discontinued?