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Hi Moss. I still have and am still using that side mower. Mostly using the big red bucket for fire wood. And the right side up or upside down wood splitter. For some reason I just love to cut and split fire wood. Have the two PT's now and it is nice to have 2.

Glad to hear all is well. :thumbsup:

TWO! Now you're just making us all jealous (well, most of us, some also have two). :laughing:
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Yes I even bought a 28ef hp off of them to replace the old one in the 422. They are a Great engines but as you know in Hot weather they tend to vapor lock. Being mounted down in that tub there is just not enough air flow for them. It is a problem but i kind of wish it were more of a problem. That being it has not be a big enough problem for me to take time to solve it. Added an extra fan to one and sometime i just cool them off with a water hose. If it were a bigger problem I would do a redesign on the cover. Never a problem when ambient air is 80 deg or less. Starts very well in cold weather. Oh yes they said they would never use that motor again.
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I would like to say that with my old 422 tram and wheel motors with a newly rebuilt tram pump has not nearly the pulling power as the newer 428 has. Different pump and wheel motors I guess. I'm sure the new 425's have close the same pull as my newer 428. As I guess I can now call my old 422 a 428? What would you all call it? I've also done a lot of welding and beefing up of the old one. I was hard on it.