Slow Tire Leak

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Easiest thing Brandi, (and what I do), is first spray down the tire with just water to get the tire wet. The do as MMagis suggested...spray the tire down with a spritzer bottle full of soapy water. You can spray the valve stem, too, (take the cap off). This method has always worked for me and it is easy.

Are you going to plug the tire, (tubeless)?
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This has worked the best for me over the years in locating leaks in tubeless tires. I go to Walmart and buy a large bottle of kids bubble liquid for 99 cents and I put it in a spray bottle and spray the tire while it is still on the vehicle and fully aired up. Be sure to spray where the tire meets the rim because this is where lots of tractor tires leak due to dirt infiltration.

For a real slow leak, spray in the shade so the sun doesn't evaporate the spray too fast. A slow rim leak will usually take a few minutes to see very minute bubbles form around the rim. If this is where it's leaking it will have to be removed from the rim and have the rim and tire flanges cleaned well and reinstalled.

Sometimes a clean tire will leak at the rim and you can hit the tire right by the rim where it is leaking a few times with a large rubber hammer and the leak will stop.