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Jan 15, 2020
North Carolina
Kubota 3301
Trying to figure out the best way to run the hydraulic lines from the front of the tractor. I have a spring hose keeper on the front of the grapple but the hoses seem to tight up next to the lift arm front, I have a Kubota 3301 the couplings are on the tube right behind the quick hitch.
I thought about raising the hook ups but not sure if that would help. How do you others keep you lines out of the way and from not bunching up
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If you could post a picture of your set-up it would help us understand your concern.

To answer your question the way I run mine: The hydraulic connector on the M5640 are mounted on the right side of the loader tube. To get enough slack I run the hoses from the connectors across the front to the left then back to the center where there is a set of hose clamps on the grapple. No spring retractor required.

On my L3010 I do the same but need a bigger loop to get enough slack. The loop can hang down and catch on stuff so I use a bungee to hold it up when the bucket is curled all the way back.

I would think your spring would be better than a bungee ????

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Gordons verbal description sound like the way the dealer ran my lines for my grapple. The WR Long 3rd function valving is on the right FEL riser/loader tube. The lines run out the FEL arm to the final connector on a stand-off mounted on the FEL cross tube. From the last connector to the grapple the lines are long and "loopy". I have bungee cords to hold these "loopy" lines up and out of the way. Bungee cords are cheep - I replace them every two years or so.

My WR Long valving tucked up on the FEL arm. My grapple and the bungee cords. And - YES - the grapple also carries my chain saw - gas - oil can and all other tools.

See how I had my grill guard modified. Ward off sticks, stobs, limbs, etc. I have heavy duty spiral wound hose protector on the final grapple hydraulic hoses also. Same on the 3-point.
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To keep the hyd lines out of the way I built a stand off to attach to the bar between the quick connect latches.

Cut off a piece of pipe about 3" long and split it length ways to fit over the tractor tubing. Welded half of an old hyd quick connect to the pipe piece. Welded the other half of the quick connect to a 5/16" rod which is curled around to hold the hose. Used radiator clamp to clamp the half round pipe piece to the tractor. Can adjust the angle desired for clearance by experimenting and the clamp.

I leave the bottom piece with half of the quick connect clamped to the tractor all the time. Just release the quick connect and leave the curled bracket on the grapple hose.

Works excellent and been using for a couple of years.


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