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Jan 13, 2011
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This seems like a good place for my latest pet peeve/rant. I've been doing a lot of painting on projects lately. Does anyone have a way to pour the first pint or so from one of those rectangular solvent cans without spilling it all over? I always seem to spill a lot and make a mess. And it's usually stuff I'd rather not spill like 2 part paint activator or acetone. The regular gallon cans I usually deal with by dipping a stainless cup into them but I can't find a way to make the rectangular cans work.
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Saw on TV show if you pour with spout on top it allows air in and prevents the glug glug pour with spout on bottom. YMMV, just a suggestion to try.
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Works for the anti freeze jugs as well.
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I will try that but the problem seems to be that when you pour slowly it flows on to the top and goes everywhere.
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Maybe you could take a spare cap and install something like a hose barb fitting and a piece of tubing into it. It seems like that should work as long as the solvent doesn't melt the tubing.
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Spout on top into a large funnel into a more manageable container over a spill pad. PPG relevant to the liquid.
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Its a big conspiracy by the solvent MFGS. The more you spill, the more you have to buy.