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Mar 17, 2004
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PT 422
I only have 1 key and I'm sure one day it will be misplaced.

Where to get one? Call Tazewell?
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Try the local dealer.......OR order on line from PT web site.
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Take the key to a local lawn and garden shop. They will have them. It's a fairly common key, I'm sure.

Does it have teeth?
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My "simple" Kubota key was only available thru the local dealership. Ace Hardware & local farm & garden supply - no joy. Yes - my key has teeth and the teeth and groves are symmetrical.
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I've been able to get a few keys right off of Amazon
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Like Moss said, pretty simple lock and key. I just bought a replacement lock at the local "power shop" Sells lawn mowers and such, cost $25 which is too much, but needed it right now. It included 2 keys
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A 422 might just be a generic indak key... Consider replacing it with a push button and kill switch.
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These are lawnmower engines. It's a simple key. Pretty much every lawnmower engine with a key start has the same key.

$15 for an ignition switch and 2 keys at Tractor Supply.
MTD Ignition Switch, OEM-725-267A at Tractor Supply Co.

$8.44 on amazon Arnold MTD Genuine Parts Tractor Ignition Switch: Garden & Outdoor

$11.33 at Walmart

Or, as I mentioned, check at your local lawn and garden tractor place and see if they'll give you one. Places that repair lawnmowers should have a couple dozen laying around.

Now, I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure it is this type of key.
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I think I have abox of them. Seriously. Some stupid Ebay purchase and I have like 10 of them (assuming the are the "Mickey Mouse" looking keys). I would be happy to put one in an envelope for you.