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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
Purchased a Speeco Quick Hitch bushing kit Friday at a farm store. When I opened the sealed bag, there was only one roll pin inside. Since I had the project planned for Saturday, I needed to use the kit I went to the local hardware store to get one. The largest that they had was 3/8" so I figured I'd drop an email to Speeco to see if they'd be kind enough to send me one.

I realize this is a petty issue over a cheap part, but we'll see if they come through on it or not. I can order one thru Fastenal and I'm sure it's only a buck or less, but it's the principal. I also do not plan to travel 60 miles to the farm store with an open empty bag and waste my time.

Email was sent Monday so we'll see what happens. So far no response...
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In the meantime, can you cut off a 7/16" bolt and 'stick' it in there with some caulking to hold it together until your roll pin comes?

Seems it would work temporarily.
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I don't need to run my chipper now anyhow, but we ran some wire through to hold it. I'll probably end up breaking down and buying one as it doesn't look like Speeco is going to answer anytime soon...
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Mine from SpeeCo came loose in the plastic sack that was just closed with a paper staple. Easy to lose the roll pins, IMO.

Maybe even a hardwood dowel forced in the hole would keep it in place for the duration of forever too. /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif

I had a real hard time getting the store (Farm/Fleet) to stock the Cat I bushing set. They carried the Cat II but not the I. They sold the SpeeCo quick hitch for both Cat I and Cat II, and carried the extra bushing sets for Cat II. Took me a year to talk them into ordering some, and now after buying two sets, they don't stock them anymore. Go figure. /forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif
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If speeco's aprts support is like thier email response. i'm betting they will send you one. They answerd quite a few emails from me last year.. seemed like real nice people.

Had the same treatment from KK and howse. KK sent me a spring clip that was missing from my pto shaft.. and howse sent me a manual that was missing from my mower...

Good luck

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Good to know! I haven't seen an email response just yet, but you never know...
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Bag came in the mail Saturday. No return address, just a roll pin. Postal code is for CO so it obviously was Speeco.