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Apr 6, 2000
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A friend is looking for something more than a riding mower (i.e., something he could use to till or grade with in addition to mowing), but lives on a couple of acres with some pretty steep sections, so stability is an issue. My first thought was to recommend the Kubota BX series since they're relatively wide and pretty low to the ground, but I really want to tap the collective wisdom of the group on this one. Recommendations?

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Yea either that or the 400 series lawn and garden tractor by JD or the lower 4000 series by deere. My one friend has the 400 series deere with a 6 foot mower deck and a deere tiller that he mows alot of hills and gulleys on without a problem. My neighbor has the small BX tractor that uses as well and likes it except that he has so much trouble with the bi-steer. He has alot of steep ground that he mows with it. For price the 400 series is cheaper than the BX or the 4000 series.

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For steep conditions check out the Ventrac 4000 and the Steiner 430 tractors equipped with duals front and rear. Ventrac site is and Steiner is Both can be equipped with front attachments for tilling and grading.
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Why not equip a BX with duals? Guarenteed there's a gotta be a way, even if you have to make the adaptor yourself!
To my knowledge, little it may be, it has not been discussed on this board. I've often wondered why not?