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Oct 23, 2021
2021 LS MT352HC
Anyone raise there steering wheel?
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Another member on here that used to own an LS tractor (@PCABE5) did it and shared it with me via email back and fourth. I was interested in doing it, but it turned into one of those projects I'd get to "one of these days" and its been 3 years now 😟

Here is a copy/paste from apart of that email conversation:

"I bought the steering wheel from New Holland and it was about $80. Then I bought a bunch of 1/4 inch grade 8 bolt's from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches. Then I bought a CV joint bellows to cover up the cut marks on the hub. That's why you see it covered up.

I cut the center hub off the new steering wheel with a sawzall and left the plastic coating on it as it seemed pretty stiff and would give me an extra 3/4 inch in height. Then I drilled two holes into the two hubs to one size smaller than the 1/4 inch bolt's. The original wheel was then drilled to 1/4 inch so the bolts slide through and the new hub I tapped to 1/4-20. I mounted the new hub to the column and then bolted the old steering wheel to the new hub.

The only modifications to the original steering wheel were the two 1/4 holes and under the center cover cap I cut out some of the plastic so I could get a socket on the new bolt's. Total it raised the wheel about 2.17 inches.

It can be returned to original with no issues or modifications. "

Below are the photos he also shared with me.

Maybe I'll do this project this winter :unsure::unsure:


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Nope I lower mine when I get on it & raise it to get off.
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I also bought a steering column from the open station and installed that as well. The cab version is about 1 1/2" shorter than the open station.